Posted by: Memo | March 17, 2007

A proposal for 2.0ing an academic library

Laura B. Cohen of the Library 2.0: An Academic’s Perspective blog has a great proposal for her academic library to get on the 2.0 wagon by listing step-by-step instructions. If there’s anything more practical I haven’t seen it yet.

Her post reminded me of a couple of other articles that ask the practical, “but how does [enter your web 2.0 term here] fit at our library?” question. The first is Robert Lackie’s “WEB 2.0 and Its Technologies for Collaborative Library Communication” which appeared in 11/26/2006 at The other is Esther Grassian’s how-to web page “Thinking Critically about Web 2.0 and Beyond.”

Questions abound any time some shiny web resource looks promising for libraries. But it’s easy to get drowned in questions, and coming up with answers that satisfy anyone with an overall distrust for new technology–or those that fail to see its potential–is disheartening.

There is of course no easy answer. But the reality of these emergent technologies is that they will evolve still and are influencing the tools we use (catalogs, library web pages, intranets, etc.) right now. Like anything in this world change is constant, and libraries have to adapt at a faster rate as well if we’re to keep up and make use of newer, shinier tools that can potentially benefit library services.

If we don’t experiment, the alternative is scary.


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