Posted by: Memo | April 1, 2007

Getting to Know Ning

This was also published in the SPLAT blog: I’m encouraging any and all of you to get to know Ning‘s awesome online space by joining two great Ning networks: American Library Association and Library 2.0.

How does one get to join these networks? Simple, sign up at and get an ID. Next, find the group(s) that interest you and create your own profile page in each. Ning allows you to change your page by changing the banner image, color scheme, text color, and you can also import pictures from your computer or your favorite online photo sharing site–Flickr, anyone?

Next, add pictures or videos from the Net, or import your own blog’s RSS. Then you can cruise the forums (great ideas are being discussed all over the place), search and become friends with interesting people (I’m in both ALA and Library 2.0 Ning networks under mcordova–you can add me as your friend if you want), add your thoughts to your own Ning blog, start a discussion, or simply experiment and explore what other people are doing with Ning.

Now, I’m sure there are more library-related networks out there that are more focused on regional areas, library staff, audience, librarians, or specific items. Ning has allowed the social network concept to be as inclusive as you want it: you can start your own group be a part of one.

Perhaps an Idaho Libraries Ning? Idaho Conference Ning? Can you imagine the possibilities?


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