Posted by: Memo | April 23, 2007

5 fantastic Firefox extensions

firefox-ext1.jpgI’m an avid Firefox user because it’s super fast and you can tweak it to your heart’s content. The tweaks I’m talking about are extensions, also known as add-ons: bits of code that enhance your web browsing experience.

The 5 Firefox extensions I swear by are:

1. Nuke Anything Enhanced – Find an annoying MySpace advert? A big stupid ad in the middle of the text? Right-click on the offending image and select “Remove this object” and nuke it out of there! If they added “…with extreme prejudice” and a ka-boom! sound file I’d cackle more each time I use this beauty.

2. Flashblock – Flash technology is everywhere. YouTube videos are all flash, and billions of ads are flash-based too. That’s why this extension is such a crucial one: instead of bombarding you with annoying flash ads this extension will blank out the offending ad and replace it with a nice simple “play” icon. If you really want to see what’s behind the ad/video simply click the play icon.

3. Greasemonkey – Greasemonkey uses bits of javascript to make web pages behave a certain way, be it to bypass advertising, change color schemes, or enable other scripts to play nice in Firefox. Did I mention there are hundreds of scripts out there? They’re fantastic, but they need greasemonkey installed first. My favorite script is the one that bypasses’s big splashy ad and takes you straight to the good stuff.

4. Update Notifier – After you install several extensions you will find that many of them will have updates, and this nifty extension will automatically check each extension in your collection and download the update for you. Simple and efficient.

5. Restart Firefox: once you go extension happy you’ll need to re-start Firefox for them to take effect, so using this add-on will bypass the arduous process of closing and restarting Firefox with just one click.

Go crazy and find your favorite add-on at the official Firefox Add-ons page and make Firefox your own.



  1. Great list of extensions, Memo! Is there a reason you prefer “Nuke Anything Enhanced” to “Adblock Plus”? I’m not familiar with “Nuke Anything”, but I love that “Adblock Plus” can automatically download new filters.

    I think my two favorite extensions at work are “Googlepedia” (puts Wikipedia results right next to your Google search results) and “Colorful Tabs” (since it makes it easier to tell which tab is which).

    Huzzah for Firefox!

  2. With Nuke Anything Enhanced I can “nuke” anything, from the littlest add to banner pictures and in-text adverts–including those that are not covered by Adblock Plus. In fact, I have both extensions installed so I’m pretty well covered 🙂

    Googlepedia eh? I’m gonna have to try that one. Thanks, Dylan!

  3. […] more fantastic Firefox Add ons 16 05 2007 I wrote previously about Firefox and how fantastically tweakable it is through add-ons (or extensions, if you’re […]

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