Posted by: Memo | April 25, 2007

Portable Applications in a flash (drive)

photo by arquera (Flickr)The thumb/flash/USB (Universal Serial Bus)/stick drive manufacturers have made great strides in providing users with more than just a storage device. Forget floppy disks (yeah, remember those?), thumb drives come equipped with all sorts of functionality, from the (questionable) U3 technology to sophisticated web and document management tools in one single and very portable device.

Thumb drives are getting cheaper and storage sizes are getting bigger too, which is good news for anyone wanting document portability and a greater array of programs at their disposal beyond mere storage needs. If you’re interested in buying one but don’t know which thumb drive is right for you–and there are many–check out these two reviews:

  1. Son of the USB 2.0 Hi-speed Flash Drive roundup (2005)
  2. USB Flash Drive Roundup – 10/25/05

Once you pick your stick, head on out to to download programs you might actually use, or download the entire shebang so you can have access to pretty much all the programs commonly found in a computer. For example, I wrote this post using my Lexar JumpDrive Lighting running the portable version of Firefox (using an extension called ScribeFire).

Between online office-like suites like Google Docs and Zoho, and programs you can download to your thumb drive, you can’t go wrong with having your cake and carrying it too. Bombasto!


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