Posted by: Memo | May 6, 2007

Let’s give libraries a hand!


I was getting ready to go for a walk with my family when I paused to decide whether I should wear my Teva sandals or my tennis shoes. I noticed my Tevas have this tiny hand print logo on the heel of the sandal. Not long before I was checking my news reader when I glanced at something about Second Life (I can’t remember what I saw, but I remembered the logo). Sure enough, both hand logos are strikingly similar. So I did a brief check on the web for other graphics that use the hand print as a logo and found a couple more (massage & pediatric businesses).

According to a 2005 OCLC Perceptions of Libraries and Information Resources report, over 75% of respondents think of books when they think about libraries; that’s our brand right now–and who knows what Library 2.0 will coalesce into? Brand identity is about creating a visual component that stands out, a graphic that is easily recognizable and reminds people of you product. The hand is a strong cultural and primal identity graphic, signifying ownership, self, and a myriad of other concepts.

I guess one sure fire way of making your mark on the visual plane is stick to the basic representations of our humanity, but how do we represent what libraries are and do in such a way (a hand holding a book!)? Is there a way to visually represent an open mind? A sense of wonder at the scope of human knowledge that libraries hold? What thoughts pop into your head when you think about libraries?


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