Posted by: Memo | May 12, 2007

Mothering by the numbers

anemone.jpgInteresting figures from the U.S. Census Bureau newsroom:

5.6 million – Number of stay-at-home moms in 2006.

21,667 – Number of florist establishments nationwide in 2004. The 109,915 employees in floral shops across our nation will be especially busy preparing, selling and delivering floral arrangements for Mother’s Day.

4.1 million – Number of births in the United States in 2005. Of this number, 414,406 were to teens 15 to 19, and 111,190 to moms 40 or older.

12,454 – The number of cosmetics, beauty supplies and perfume stores nationwide in 2004. Perfume is one of the top gifts given on Mother’s Day.

July – The most popular month in which to have a baby, with 359,426 births taking place that month in 2004.

Anytime – The best time to hug your mom and tell her how much you love her.

Happy Mother’s day!

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