Posted by: Memo | May 20, 2007

Acquisitions Conference – Day 2

After a whirlwind tour of Bend, OR and a quick stint to the Portland Zoo we headed out to the 7th Acquisitions Institute conference at Timberline Lodge, mid-height to Mount Hood, Oregon. Day 1 was registration, room checking, and welcome dinner. More on the lodge itself (and pictures) later.

For the conference so far we’ve sampled presentations on the long tail and library collection issues; publishers and publishing views of current sales/trends from three publishing vendors–and how the long tail is affecting that; metadata, and how it’s becoming a requirement for various institutions (libraries, museums, archives) to have metadata standards for interoperability in order to share collections; and the last session is titled “Developing a print repository in a consortial environment” which looks at creating specific libraries from several western states that will serve as repositories for specific print serial issues.

Our presentation is on Monday and we’re the next to last group for that day, at 2:45 pm. We get 45 minutes so I know I’ll be blazing through my Web/Library 2.0 presentation. After these sessions are done the lodge wine tasting tour start! Bombasto!

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