Posted by: Memo | May 25, 2007

5 more fantastic Firefox Add-ons

I wrote previously about Firefox and how fantastically tweakable it is through add-ons (or extensions, if you’re old school). Today I’m focusing on another 5 fantastic Firefox extensions I use to extend/enhance my browsing experience:

1. coComment! You’ll like this add-on if you like to leave comments on blogs or pages that allow them (Flickr anyone?). This extension integrates the coComment web page’s functionality right into Firefox. Cocomment “…keeps track of all the online conversations you’re following in one convenient place, and informs you whenever something is added to a conversation.” So, rather than checking up on your comment this extension gives you right-click functionality right on the page, saving you a bunch of time and keeping all your comments in one place.

2. Favicon Picker. I’m a graphically-inclined person so I like having favicons (short for “favorite icon”) in my bookmarks instead of the title text. Installing this add-on will enable you to assign an icon to any saved bookmark in your bookmarks bar, even your own creations! Thusly:


3. IE tab. Some web sites don’t display well (the nerve!) in Firefox so it’s handy to have another browser like Internet Explorer (IE) open in a tab to see a page displayed as if you were using IE. This extension resides in the status bar.

4. MeasureIt. This handy little ruler also lives on the status bar and does only one thing: click on the ruler icon and the background will fade slightly and a cross hairs measuring tool will appear, ready to measure the pixels of an image, letter, column or profile photos.

5. Snipshot. Again with the graphics tools! Snipshot is a fairly new web-based graphics editing tool that allow you to capture an image (online or from your computer) and edit it online. You can crop, rotate, enhance, and then save it to Flickr, WebShots, or your computer. This add-on will give you right-click power on an image to edit to your heart’s content.

There are many more add-ons that perform similar functions so it’s fun to try different add-ons to see how well they work for you; of course, you can always uninstall them if they don’t. Remember to restart Firefox once you have a handful of add-ons to try them out; enter Restart Firefox to take care of that.


  1. I’m going to have to give Favicon Picker a try, since I’m always relying on those icons instead of text. It reminds me of FaviconizeTab, which I use religiously at home to save space in my tab bar.

    Thanks for another great list of Firefox add-ons! It’s always great to get personal recommendations for add-ons I haven’t tried yet.

  2. Top 5 add-ons for ASP.NET Developer –

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