Posted by: Memo | June 1, 2007

MEDgle – Search [and rank] your symptoms

head.jpgI like graphics and I like search engines so I was piqued when I came across MEDgle, a new online general health information tool. MEDgle – search your symptoms (beta) gives you a way to search and browse symptoms and diagnosis.

The initial screen provides you with multiple search boxes as well as a three-panel pictorial listing various regions of the body (each has an image map, so you can be fairly specific), general symptoms, and skin conditions. According to MEDgle, you can “Search over 900 symptoms and more than 1300 diagnoses. All the data has been entered by physicians.”

Further “refinement” for your search results–which are given using Google, ranging from U.S. government websites like the CDC and NIH, to Wikipedia and dot coms–can be made according to gender, age, and duration of affliction. The search box also includes an auto complete, so if you can’t spell conjunctivitis, start typing it and it’ll bring out several variations of the word. Ranking of afflictions is also enabled: 5 stars for acute pericarditis!

MEDgle is visually friendlier than other sites like MedlinePlus, though the search results on MEDgle might give some users pause…Wikipedia? Well, still worth checking.


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