Posted by: Memo | June 6, 2007

From to Gmail

Google is spot on for popping up with services most people would find useful, such as this message that appeared when I was doing a random search:

I would’ve jumped at the chance to replace my not-so-beloved but fast-expiring UW WebPine student e-mail account with Gmail, along with my less than cool Hotmail. Luckily I managed to get a Gmail invite before that happened (my graduate days seem like ages ago, so when I say Gmail was invite only, I mean it. Man, I feel kinda old).



  1. Good find, Memo! Google does an excellent job of promoting their own services, without resorting to blindness-inducing banner ads. I wonder what sorts of lessons institutions in other industries (say, libraries for example) could learn from this?

    I remember when Gmail was invite-only too and when invites were hard to get! Now I’ve converted pretty much all of my friends (still working on my family) to the wonderful, wonderful Gmail.

  2. Thanks, Dylan. Kinda weird that the plug for Gmail service to grads appears at random. Wonder what other services Google will unveil without too much fanfare?

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