Posted by: Memo | June 23, 2007

ALA so far…

Washington DC is beautiful, it’s been mid-80’s, wonderfully sunny, with about 40% humidity, and the conference is in full swing. The availability of Wi-Fi has been sporadic at best, and some downtown hotels where these events take place require passwords, or else pay for access. C’mon, it’s a major conference in a major city, and even the freakin’ lobby requires a password!? Anyhow, my hotel charges $10 bucks in-room but it’s free in the lobby, which works up to a point. OK, rant over.

I’ve attended several sessions so far and spent a few minutes ogling the Washington Convention Center and the exhibits, but getting to/fro programs kinda dictates how much time you spend getting schwag as the hotels are spread out in a 5 to 10+ block radius and the shuttle (thanks, Gale!) is crammed with people traveling between programs, so sometimes you can’t even get on the bus.

I’ve met with some really cool Library 2.0 people and will soon get the chance to chat with one of the library Facebook folks later tonight

More details (and photos) to follow, soon as I get a decent connection somewhere…


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