Posted by: Memo | July 6, 2007

ALA, Wi-Fi woes & walking

I’ve been off the online grid since coming back from Washington DC. Many hotels in the area had restricted Wi-Fi, or none to speak of. Major conference in a metropolitan city involving several hotels with hundreds of programs, and no free Wi-Fi.

One time, a kind LITA soul at the Top Tech Trends program at the Mayflower Renaissance hotel tried to get connectivity access for bloggers (which included a writer from Wired magazine), but to no avail. I realize hotels need to make money out of everything their guests use (anyone pay $5 for the in-room water bottle?), but still…

Once I got home I went through post-conference resettling: home & kids (a great thing), back to work catch up, and its near-endless e-mail filtering. However, my time in DC was well spent by meeting great library folk, walking around a fantastic city, being mesmerized by the ornateness of the Library of Congress, and experiencing soul-busting beauty at the National Gallery of Art. Good times!


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