Posted by: Memo | July 11, 2007

Yet more fantastic Firefox add-ons

firefox-ext1.jpgScribeFire – This blog writing add-on sits nicely on the status bar of your browser, ready for you to fire it up and start blogging interesting stuff. Once activated ScribeFire will split the screen in two (horizontal-wise) allowing you to see the interesting page and to type up your Aristotelian insights. Done? Edit the post and send it to your blog. Handy features include the ability to add Technorati tags and save your drafts.

StumbleUpon – Nothing much to say about this other than having it sit on your status bar (or wherever you like) is like having a secret doorway into the weirdly cool and erratically fantastic. Depending on your interests (academic, music, photography, art, economics, etcetera) clicking the StumbleUpon button will bring up a fresh batch of cool shenanigans.

TinyURL creator – Shorten long URLs AND save the link for later use with this add-on. There’s lots of other URL shorteners, but TinyURL’s been around a long time (well, in Internet time) so it’s pretty stable and it does what it does with simple efficiency.

Thumbs – This handy add-on will create a thumbnail of any images (doesn’t matter the size) available in a page, with resized thumbnails that open in another tab. Works especially well if you have lots of linked images but don’t feel like opening each picture to see them.

Smartsearch – Say you’re reading a web page and you come up on a term you’d like to know more about. Simply right-click on the term and Smartsearch will give you a choice of sites (Google,, Wikipedia, Urban Dictionary, and more) to search that term. Simple, but effective.

Find more fantastic Firefox add-ons and tweak your Firefox for maximum browsing enjoyment. If you have other add-on favorites share ’em, will you?

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