Posted by: Memo | July 14, 2007

Social Network junkies–take heed!

Do you Facebook? MySpace? Twitter? Ning? Flickr? Ad nauseam? I must admit that my enthusiasm for the whole 2.0 online identity environment leaves me a little exhausted. But I recover, for the most part. But for those that feel the pull to juggle multiple online personalities too strong, the Web Worker Daily has a great post on keeping your online identities manageable:

“Before you get started, you need to identify the social applications at the center of your online universe.”

Simple, right? It’s natural to dabble in the wondrous world of social networks, but if the multiple passwords (or do you use the same one for all your networks?), the constant checking for comments (you know about coComment, right?), and the profile picture that never quite “gets” the true you is too burdensome, then take heed, my fellow online socialites, and trim the online fat.

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