Posted by: Memo | August 1, 2007

Always have a book. Yeah! has a great post titled 15 Steps to Cultivate Lifelong Learning. What’s their number one thing? Always have a book. You can’t go wrong with that. Of course, I didn’t see “Get a library card” as one of their steps, which is key to all the other steps.

This list reminded me of the Library Bill of Rights: challenge censorship, protecting the rights of users to use a library, provide materials and information presenting all points of view, etcetera. The kinds of things that libraries make damn sure are firmly in place, to the full extent of the law, that allow you and me to take advantage of the tools and services libraries offer.

Perhaps we can also start a “How the library rocks your world” list of 10 to 100 ways libraries are the foundation to lifelong learning. Let’s start:

1. Your library card is a license to learn and have fun, no matter your age.
2. Your library has plenty of things to keep you interested until you die.
3. Your library can help you learn a new trick
4. …


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