Posted by: Memo | August 10, 2007

Starbucks in the library

You can see how the Starbucks in the library project is coming along by visiting my library’s Flickr page. Those of us that drink coffee are tickled pink because a Starbucks is within spitting distance from many of our 1st floor offices (well, a loogie champion perhaps, but it is that close).

The “soft” opening will be on Monday, August 20th, with the main opening on the 27th, the first day of classes. However, since the baristas have to train with “real” folk–and since we hover around their space like caffeinated zombies–there’s been opportunities for us to get free drinks. So far I’m loving it!

We will be getting a somewhat sequestered audience too–students have to come into the library to access the main Starbucks entrance–so we’re hoping the addition of a fairly big lounge area next to the coffee shop will encourage more library traffic. Time will tell if we achieve the “third place” concept, but I think we’re taking excellent steps in that direction.


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