Posted by: Memo | September 20, 2007

Tweak your Google Reader

reader-logo.jpgWe all know Google Reader is one of the fastest, best integrated news readers out there, especially when you can tweak how GReader behaves by using Greasemonkey scripts. I’m currently using 3 scripts that make using my GReader a breeze:

There are dozens of scripts for GReader and even more scripts for web sites like, NYT, YouTube, IMDB, etc. at (here’s one I really like). Got any favorites?


  1. Great suggestions, Memo! I don’t use any scripts with my Google Reader, but I must say that I love the “u” shortcut key. (As well as the other shortcut keys.)

    So, does this mean you’ve finally surrendered the battle with Bloglines for the o-so-superior Google Reader? I knew Anna and I would persuade you eventually! 😉

  2. Well, I still keep my Bloglines account active (in the background, with all my life goals) but yes, GReader has really come up on top.

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