Posted by: Memo | October 17, 2007

Google gives me more


I was cursorily checking my 4-year old Gmail account today when I saw that my storage capacity had jumped to 3541MB (it was 2791MB). On another Gmail account (started much later in the game) it had jumped to 3655MB, although I can’t figure out what the discrepancy in size vs. length of use is.


There have been rumors that Google will eventually pump the storage limit to 6GB by January 2008, and up to 40+ GB by 2038. Perhaps it’s Google’s way of making room for more programs, applications, or even a Google OS? Still, more space is a sweet thing.

Update: my original Gmail account is now 3811MB and the other one is 3885MB. Will this be a gradual upgrade until I hit the 6GB (possible) limit on January 2008? Time will tell…



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