Posted by: Memo | November 23, 2007

eBook readers: here to stay?

Back in September I linked to a few lines about Amazon’s Kindle, the gadget du juour that’s taking the e-book world by squall. Now that the Kindle is out and about and its features fully explored it’ll be interesting to see if there’s a chance libraries will start lending/using these portable eBook readers. I’m not aware of any libraries out there using Sony’s Reader or Rex’s iLiad, so I’m wondering if these portable devices–fleshed out to uber-book spiffyness–would actually be a tool library patrons could/would use. For that matter, are eBook readers viable enough to warrant the same mantle books have enjoyed since the printing press? Probably, but it’s hard to see how that now. At least not for $400 clams.



  1. I don’t know. I bet people said the same thing about iPods at first and look how they have taken off. I can see a value in the device if it made text readable. The Amazon Kindle has free (yes free) wireless included in its cost, plus a ton more books to access. I’d love for libraries to test them out.

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