Posted by: Memo | January 7, 2008

Add to search bar extension

Man alive! Is there nothing faithful Firefox users/developers can’t do? For the longest time I wanted to create an extension/script/code that would enable me to search my library’s catalog from Firefox’s search bar. Of course, I have next to zero-skills in coding so I was tickled when the “Add to Search Bar” add-on showed up in my GReader.

After you download the add-on, find anything that has a search box, right-click on the mouse and select “Add to Search Bar” to include it in Firefox’s search bar. It’s that simple.


Now I have my library’s catalog and my university’s general search in my Firefox search bar, not to mention a bunch of other sites like Definr, LibraryThing, BoingBoing, the Straight Dope, and more.

It’s such a simple and convenient way to maximize your searching prowess that I’m going to include this little gem in my instruction sessions (along other things like Zotero and Worldcat–which already has a Firefox search extension) and will share with faculty so that power searchers can have one-click access to our catalog. Sweet!


  1. Indeed sweet! Thanks for the heads up.

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