Posted by: Memo | January 19, 2008

Online storage services

I use Gmail as my online storage center (which has increased up to 6 GB) as well as two ad-supported online services: MediaMax and divShare. Today I received an e-mail telling me that all divShare accounts will get an increase in their storage limit:

Starting January 24, free accounts will receive 5 GB of storage space and 50 GB of downloads per month. Premium users will be able to upgrade to up to 10 times that amount for less than a dollar a day. This change won’t affect any files that are currently in your account. If you are over the 5 GB limit, no files will be deleted or disabled. However, you won’t be able to upload new files unless you free up space in your account.

I find myself using divShare more since their upload/download speed is a little faster and their interface is fairly spartan. MediaMax already gives me 25 GB so the storage limit is no biggie (so far), but divShare just does more with your files than just storing them. divShare will automatically convert your movies to flash, set an URL to view files or e-mail it to people, post it as a link MySpace, Facebook, and, and lastly, create the code to embed your file in a blog or webpage. Very helpful indeed!

I used divShare at my library to save a huge PDF file for a patron that couldn’t e-mail it (size restrictions) or save the file (no USB drive), so I uploaded it to divShare and sent her the file as well as the link to download the PDF.  The patron was happy and impressed.

What are your top choices for storing stuff on the web?



  1. For all online backup and storage related info, I recommend this site:

  2. Thanks for sharing these great resources, Memo! I hadn’t heard of divShare before (where have I been?!) but I signed up for an account right after I read this post. I could always use more online storage… and the fact that divShare has an iPhone / iPod Touch portal was extra gravy!

  3. Glad I could help! Thanks for tipping me to the iPod/iTouch tip.

  4. I use For online very good service.I can earn by using this service

    Thank you

  5. Interesting concept, Sowji. Thanks for sharing!

  6. […] between folders, or download them where you please. Unlike DivShare (I wrote about it on an earlier post), you cannot embed your files/content to blogs or websites, or other fancy stuff that DivShare can […]

  7. I use They’re ad driven as well but seem fairly speedy.

    Mediamax is shutting down on the 25th of April.

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