Posted by: Memo | January 30, 2008

Sprout: make your own anything

sprout.jpgEver wanted to create your own widget/portable application/dynamic-Google-like-gadget? Enter an innovative, flash and web-based dynamic content builder called Sprout. I’ve been waiting for this type of tool for a while: it requires no download, simple but intuitive yet robust WYSIWYG interface, and no coding skills necessary to create flash-based and portable content. From their website:

Building a sprout is easy. Choose from dozens of pre-built templates or start from scratch. Drag-and-drop shapes, text, images, video, and more. Then add components such as slideshows, jukeboxes, and countdown clocks, as well as interactive services such as chat (Meebo), phone (Ribbit), fundraising (ChipIn), and more. Once you’ve got your content in place, use advanced editing and navigation tools to perfect your sprout.

Sound easy? From my initial efforts at creating a Sprout (rather than “widget”), absolutely yes! This product is in beta, but the implications for future, regular people-oriented content creation seems huge. How can libraries make use of this? Embed content YOU create to your library website, create playlists of staff favorite books, music, and other resources; create portable, downloadable sprouts so other people can embed them in their blogs, social networks, etcetera.

Can you imagine the possibilities? Check out the video presentation of their initial launch.



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