Posted by: Memo | March 19, 2008

ADrive: free 50GB of online storage


No-frills but quite handy ADrive is the newest member of online ad-supported storage services available to you.

First heard about from Tech Support Alert, ADrive is not the first to offer free online storage, but the 50GB of space is quite generous.

You can bulk upload or select specific files but you are limited to the first 1000 items. This service requires Java but the whole process is fairly straight forward and simple.

Once you’ve uploaded some files you can delete, move files between folders, or download them where you please. Unlike DivShare (I wrote about it on an earlier post), you cannot embed your files/content to blogs or websites, or other fancy stuff that DivShare can do; ADrive is a straight upload/download storage & backup service, with a simple interface and a pleasing color scheme.

Fills may come down the pike eventually, but for free 50GB of storage space I’m not complaining.




  1. +1 for adrive as well. That’s who I use. Fairly speedy. You can share files now by providing a link to the download.

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