Posted by: Memo | March 31, 2008

My top 5 websites for new tools & services

One of the benefits of having a huge list of RSS feeds in my Google Reader is that I always come away with new and interesting online tools and services that simplify my online life. It’s like tapping into the creative stream of The Web and coming away with awesome websites, tools, thoughtful commentary, timely advice or all of the above–but never empty handed.
Granted, I have dozens of blogs and websites I depend on for technology/web news and commentary, but I’d like to share my top 5 blogs/websites you should definitely check out (and subscribe!):

    1. Lifehacker – Their byline is “Tech tricks, tips and downloads for getting things done” and sure enough their posts cover everything a savvy/newbie computer user can use to simplify their online needs. But don’t stop with the posts! Legions of faithful readers also contribute to the overall richness of information offered there.
    2. Robin Good’s Latests News – I don’t know how this guy does it, but he provides an incredible assortment of news, tools, and thoughtful commentary on everything related to the Web. In particular his awesome “Sharewood Picnic” list which compiles several services that are similar in scope and/or concept. A must read.
    3. – Like the title suggests they offer many tools and services, in particular their “Cool Websites & Tools” is a list of new and interesting tools that may simplify or help your online experience.
    4. – “a site filled with a refreshing assortment of technology news and productivity tips!” Enough said.
    5. ReadWriteWeb -“…Web Technology news, reviews and analysis.” Lots of great reviews, news, and everything in between.
    These 5 have consistently provided me with numerous tips, reviews, and helpful advice. You will be well rewarded by the variety of issues they cover, either by scanning their headlines, reading comments, or doing a site search. You won’t be disappointed. Any sites you prefer to stay Web-current?

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