Posted by: Memo | April 14, 2008

My Facebook has been Twittered

Since I last blogged I took the fam to Draper, UT to check out the new IKEA (incidentally, since we stayed in Salt Lake City we got to enjoy the beautiful mountains and the city–but I forgot my camera!) and came back home to find our front yard toilet papered (it was surprisingly easy to clean up though); I attended the Southwest Idaho Library Association (SWILA) region 3 conference at the College of Idaho, in Caldwell, ID, and a great time there, too; and have spent the remainder of the first few weeks in April immersed in the minutiae of work (creating a wiki for an online course in library research, working in various library committees, worrying about tenure, etcetera, etcetera).

But the point of all this is that I’m getting more and more interested in how Twitter–and its many Twittersteins–has changed how I keep up and converse with fellow humans and interesting happenings. I know some people find Twitter annoying and/or distracting, but I’m finding it incredibly useful, especially since I follow other librarians, websites, interesting people, companies, and PBS, among others. I’m finding it surprisingly easy to keep abreast of news and information that I’m finding less and less time to actually be “social” in the social network kind of way (Facebook). Yes, I poke on occasion and throw sheep even less, but I’m finding my net habits changing from the static communication style of Facebook to the ongoing, real-time conversations/quips/rants/links of Twitter.

I’m not giving up Facebook (I send my “Tweets” as updates to Facebook), I’m just finding Twitter a little more interactive and participatory. Then I found this video and I thought, yeah, I’m starting to feel this way too:



  1. I always wondered why I even try to keep up… ’cause just as I finally get into one social network there’s something newer and better and I have try that too… I just startted twitter and we’ll see how that goes…

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