Posted by: Memo | June 14, 2008

Why not try Firefox 3?

Firefox logoI really really like Firefox. It’s a browser that provides the user an almost unlimited amount of freedom in how web pages are displayed, formatted, or used. It’s a tweaker’s dream, really.

See, you have scores of people out there creating bits of code (called add-ons or extensions) that can be added to Firefox to change the look, feel, and behavior (darn tootin’!) of web pages. Tired of ads? Get Adblock Plus. Don’t want annoying flash? Get Flashblock. Want to get rid of that picture messing up the text? Get Nuke Anything Enhanced. Don’t care for the color/buttons of the default skin? Change it. Want to edit a picture on a page? Try Picnik. Tweak your Google Mail? Go for Better Greader. Want to tweet? Add Twitterfox. Firefox is all about customizing your browsing experience; stopping/disabling/tweaking anything that gets in the way between you and the text/picture/song/video on the page.

On June 17th the latest and stablest edition of Firefox 3 can be officially downloaded, and Mozilla (the parent company) is hoping to break a world record by having people download Firefox that day. Mildred Fox was born June 17th too but I think that’s a coincidence.

So, why not try it?

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