Posted by: Memo | June 17, 2008

Firefox 3: the big whoop[s]

So Firefox was opened to the masses for its latest incarnation in version 3.0 today, and the momentum was there full force for Firefox to break a Guinness world record for most downloaded software browser in one day. By now you know that there were multiple kerfuffles (official download site was down, off and on for several hours, or the download just never happened) but, towards late afternoon Mozilla got its groove back and poof, you could finally download it.

If you already had the beta version then this drama was largely avoided. But let’s get back on track! Since I’ve been playing with the beta version for a while I’ve discovered several features within Firefox that replace some favorite add-ons:

  • Fuller screen – Instead, hit F11 and both menu and status bars disappear, giving you the utmost screen real estate.
  • Update notifier – Firefox 3 automatically downloads updates to your add-ons via a slide window that pops up from the status bar.
  • QuickRestart – Rather than clicking this button when new add-ons are installed, Firefox gives you the option straight from the Add-ons window:

New(ish) add-ons I’ve found to extend the functionality and ease of browsing in Firefox:

  • Blue Organizer – A button with an array of functions and plenty of great “share this” features (Twitter, TinyUrl, Facebook, and more), a great bookmarks organizer, and other intuitive features. And they have consistently kept up with newer versions of Firefox.
  • foof – the son/cousin/familiar of AdBlock Plus, foof one-ups this popular extension by providing flash blocking options with features you get to pick: wikipedia articles, blog/news, flickr photos, and video.
  • Tab Mix Plus – while this extension is one of my can’t-do-without, it is not available in the newest version of Firefox. Enter the developer website for one that will.
  • Personas for Firefox – This little fox face easily changes the color scheme/theme of whatever Firefox theme you use (which are limited to begin with, in version 3.0): just hover over the persona you want and it changes before your very eyes.

As more and more extensions/add-ons are updated–and created–Firefox will only get better and better. Any extensions/tools you care to share that make your Firefox experience better?


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