Posted by: Memo | July 15, 2008

Portable Flock=PocketFlock

I use several USB-based browsers depending on my moods: Avant, The World Browser, and Opera, but the ones I depend on are Firefox and Flock. Firefox when I want a no-frills, super fast browsing experience charged with several add-ons I could not do without. Flock when I feel like Mr. Social and want to cruise my social networks, post the occasional tweet, or spend some time gazing at the interestingness of Flickr friends.

Firefox, of course, has been the main one insofar that I can put it on my thumb drive and take my customized window to the web anywhere I go, but I really like Flock 2 beta because it starts faster than Firefox (in my opinion) and its social networks integration is so damn awesome and easy to use (its picture uploading feature is pretty cool too). So I was excited to have come across the itdunn blog when I was searching for a portable version of Flock 2 Beta because this site is the only one that offers previous versions of Flock as a portable application for both Windows and Mac.

The only issue I encountered is that after I loaded my favorite extensions (most will, themes included) to my PocketFlock and restarted it, it never got beyond the welcome screen before I saw the familiar “Windows has encountered a problem and must ruin your day with annoyance beyond imagining” pop-up window. After a little digging I found that the PicLens add-on was somehow responsible. Once I deleted that add-on Flock was its usual sprightly self.

Now I have the latest versions of two of my favorite browsers in my thumb drive, and I can have my customized browsing cake and eat it too 🙂



  1. thanks memo! i’m going to be doing this.

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