Posted by: Memo | July 30, 2008

Finally! Facebook lets me in.

In to the new look of Facebook, that is. I saw this above the login screen today:

However, when I clicked on the “Try it now” link and logged in, my profile didn’t really look all that different. Unless the changes are minimal? Either that or I have an extremely short attention span, which may be the cas…say, I’m hungry!

Update: after trying and trying I finally got “in!” While I did have the “Try it now” link on my browser, it didn’t take me anywhere different since it still showed the same ol’ profile and page. Then I noticed on the Facebook blog that you had to go to to actually get the new look to work.

Why have the teaser “Try it now” in the profile if it doesn’t take you to the right URL anyhow?

So, now I’m playing with the new Facebook and finding it a little wide and spread out. Before I had a little apartment, and now I have a double-wide:



  1. What does it matter… no Scrabulous… why bother. I think I will get into Twitter or something.

  2. You’re a bold one, Rick.

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