Posted by: Memo | October 25, 2008

Hey, where have I been?

It’s been what, a month since I added anything to this blog? If you still subscribe to this blog, bless you! Once the school semester starts my time becomes precious indeed (kids, work, repeat) so writing about cool stuff happening on the web or libraries shrinks considerably.

However, what I can do is write more concisely about stuff I see as potentially useful tools you can use in your everyday life as well as in your library; to use the web effectively to enjoy both work and everything that comes before and after it.

Let’s get to it. Widgets! Love them, use them, or don’t understand them? No problem. What you can do is sign up for Sprout to start making embeddable, stand-alone applications you can use for whatever suits your needs. Online forms, polls, interactive posters, and other things for your library are a snap when your use Sprout since everything is laid out in simple drag-and-drop functionality; you can customize every aspect of your widget, from the color of the font to the background of your panels.

I’ve written about Sprout before, and today I came across a nifty video on how to add Google forms to your Sprout. Give it a whirl and you’ll see how easy and useful this web tool can be.


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