Posted by: Memo | December 10, 2008

Samsung NC 10 netbook

Samsung NC 10 netbook, originally uploaded by M3MO.

It took a long time but I finally got my birthday present, a netbook computer. Mind you, I researched the hell out of this puppy. I wanted something small (it is), powerful (ditto), easy to type on (yes!) and, possibly the icing on the cake, long battery life–about 6+ hours worth. I got that in the Samsung NC10 netbook. It’s a lovely piece of machinery, blue, with a shiny and sleek cover and a host of cool functions. And it comes with Windows XP, not Vista. That could be a big plus for some people.

In the same arena as the Acers, MSI Wind, and Eee PCs, the Samsung has many of the same features of these mini laptops (10.2 inches), but the battery life is the most impressive, clocking almost 7 hours on conservative use. One of the most recent reviews can be found at Laptopmag. I purchased mine from for $487 total. You have your choice of white, black, and, my choice, blue.

There is also a great blog (out of the UK) of people who’ve purchased a “Sammy” and a fantastic forum where you can join the conversations about specs, tweaks, and other tech issues. You want pictures of its unboxing? Then head on over to my flickr stream and see its unveiling.



  1. Hot! Salivating over the battery life.

  2. Indeed! The long battery life was the deciding factor.

  3. well i only tried one 4 a friend
    its a hell of a nice machine
    battery life”s wonderfull
    keyboard”s a damn good thing
    waiting eagerly till i get mine

  4. thanks for the comment over at . How are you enjoying it so far?

  5. It’s been a fantastic machine so far. I love everything about it 🙂

  6. Hello. I’ve considered getting myself a netbook to carry to class, however I’m still left wondering if it will be any good for typing research papers. In every netbook description, they state that they are great for web and email, how about typing longer than an emails worth? The Samsung seems to be the best of the bunch so far. Any suggestions? Thanks.

    • Hi John,

      The Samsung NC10 has a good size keyboard for its size (93 %), and for casual typing and browsing the web, it’s perfect. However, typing for longer periods of time may be cumbersome if you have big hands, or if you find it annoying to have your hands hang out of the edge of the typing console. Because the keyboard is larger than most netbooks, they outer keys are very close to the edge.

      I’m quite happy with my Sammy so I would not hesitate to recommend it but should caution you that, because the screen size is 10.2 inches, viewing web content or research papers (reading passages, text editing, etc.) may be better on a screen that is at least 12 inches. However, for the price, keyboard size, battery life (6 to 7 hours), and weight–an issue if you’re carting it about campus–the Samsung NC10 is a very good choice.

      Good luck!

  7. It really is a stunning piece of kit. However they have now come out with the newest one. The samsung nc20…netbooks really have become quite mainstream.

  8. Most definitely, netbooks are fantastic pieces of technology that offer a lot of function for a little price tag. The NC20 has a bigger window (12 inches?) and I believe a different processor so it’s improving something that already rocks, in my book.

    Guess I’ll have to wait for my next birthday 🙂

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