Posted by: Memo | February 25, 2009

Touching you, touching meeeee

(Apologies, Mr. Diamond) Touch technology has come a long way–Apple certainly hit it out of the ballpark when they mass produced the iPhone/iTouch and unleashed a new sense of expectation from our computing devices.

It’s fairly easy to imagine the ways these new surface technologies will develop, and if the Kindle can blow your socks off, think of the possibilities of the tools shown in this ReadWriteWeb post:



  1. I actually dislike touch-technology (touchology?). I think it is a deadend for tech design. I find it less responsive as well as clunky then good old buttons. In selecting a cellphone I avoided ones with such interfaces. But then again, I am old and cranky.

    • I can understand that. There’s a certain sense of the surreal the way your fingers interact with the surface of something to make changes on another surface–it’s a feeling of almost magical quality. If you use a laptop, do you never use the touchpad?

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