Posted by: Memo | March 5, 2009

On playing with 2.0thingness


Couple of great things are coming down the pike. The first is the unleashing of another session of SPLAT 101, and the other is my presentation at ACRL in Seattle.

SPLAT (Special Projects Library Action Team) is an initiative to “act in the ‘crows nest’ capacity, searching for innovation, proposing and leading experiments and pilot projects, discovering new opportunities.” SPLAT 101, our second foray, is about showing/playing/experimenting with web tools via a six-week, go at your own pace online course.

Each week we take one web tool and encourage people to spend that one week playing/experimenting with it. After you complete all six modules you get a certificate and the accolades of your fellow library denizens. Last year we had 230 library staff from all over the State of Idaho complete the course and we had a fantastic time doing it.

The best part is all the comments and feedback in each module; there was a richness of content that permeated each session, from thoughts about the nature of the Internet, web tech success stories, issues with blocked networks at schools and some libraries, privacy concerns, excitement at learning something new (and easy), and everything in between. If you’re interested in participating then get thee to this registration link. The first session starts March 16.

The other exciting thing is my attending and presenting at this year’s ACRL (Association of College & Research Libraries) conference in Seattle. I’m doing a presentation on libraries and widgets for one of the Cyber Zed Shed sessions on Saturday, March 14.

The whole trip will be quick tho, as I arrive Friday night and leave Saturday evening. Still, I’m extremely jazzed by the opportunity to hang out in Seattle with a bunch of really great library folk.

Don’t know if I’ll have time to visit two restaurants in Seattle that my good buddy Francisco introduced me to via the Travel Channel’s “Man v. Food” show. The first is Beth’s Cafe, which serves monstrous 12-egg omelets, but the hash browns are supposedly as delicious as their omelets, tho 12 eggs might be a stretch even for me. The other is the Crab Pot, which serves delicious steamed seafood by the bowl (a big bowl) and dumps it right on your table, then is on to the mallet whacking. Writing about this is making me hungry so it’s a sure bet I’ll hit at least one of these places!

If you care to explore Seattle or plan something, reach me on Twitter or Facebook. It’s gonna be fun.


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